Business Valuations

Understanding Your Interest In The Family Business

When one or both spouses in a divorce proceeding owns a closely held or family-owned business, there is an added layer of complexity. If the business is part of the marital property in the divorce, each party may have rights to the interest in the business.

Ways To Proceed

In some cases, one spouse can be paid his or her share of that value to satisfy the law of equitable distribution in Pennsylvania, but in other cases, that much liquidity is not available or the parties cannot agree upon a settlement that does not involve liquidating interest in the business.

If you own or have interest in a business or professional practice, or if your spouse does, a business valuation expert and appraiser is needed to determine the fair market value of the business.

However, fair market value of the business may not necessarily be the most accurate measure in your individual case. Perhaps there is a very good case to be made for deviating from the guidelines of equitable distribution. Perhaps other assets may be offered to the opposing party to preserve your interests in a healthy business that you would like to keep intact.

Regardless of the situation, our firm can help.

Choosing Our Firm To Help With Your Business Valuation In Your Divorce

We have over 60 years of combined experience handling divorce for individuals with substantial assets including family businesses.

Our attorneys are dedicated and experienced professionals who are committed to sculpting customized strategies for each of our individual clients.

Our law firm works with business owners and spouses of business owners to:

  • Evaluate and limit risk
  • Limit tax ramifications of transactions and transfers
  • Uncover hidden assets
  • Value nonoperating assets
  • Preserve the value of assets
  • Establish accurate ownership of business interests
  • Evaluate the value of the business owner

Business asset division is a complex task that becomes even more complicated with partners and shareholders involved. Retaining experienced legal counsel and representation is a must in protecting your rights and interests.

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