Property Division

How Will Your Property Be Divided In Your Divorce?

Pennsylvania law divides marital property through the process of equitable distribution. This means that property acquired during the marriage is divided, not 50/50, but in a fair and equitable manner.

Property distribution in a divorce can either be accomplished through a settlement agreement between the parties or the family law court.

Factors Utilized To Divide Property Fairly And Equitably

If the latter is involved a number of factors are considered. When making property division determinations, family law courts will look at:

  1. Duration of the marriage
  2. Any prior marriages
  3. Age and health of the parties
  4. Income from both parties
  5. Contributions to any education or the earning power of a party
  6. Opportunities for future acquisitions of assets and income
  7. Standard of living during the marriage
  8. Responsibilities of the custodial parent of dependent minor children

Whether settlement or litigation is the right avenue for your situation, obtaining the assistance of a divorce attorney with a thorough knowledge of the process is important to ensuring your interests are protected.

Helping You With The Division Of Property In Your Divorce

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We understand how variables and technicalities could affect your situation. We can help to identify and evaluate both marital and nonmarital property, working alongside property appraisal, business valuation and forensic accounting experts as necessary to both uncover and protect the value of property in your divorce.

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