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Collaborative divorce is often less stressful than litigation

You are ready to divorce your spouse, and naturally, you feel a variety of emotions. You cannot wait to live independently again, but at the same time, you do not look forward to fighting with your soon-to-be ex at a divorce trial.

The great news is that just because you and your spouse have decided to divorce in Pennsylvania does not mean you have to endure an ugly breakup. Instead, you could tap into the power of the collaborative divorce process, which is growing in popularity as an alternative to traditional divorce litigation.

What is the collaborative divorce process?

In a collaborative divorce, you and the other party will try to address your divorce issues in an atmosphere that is constructive rather than hostile. The issues that you may need to try to resolve include spousal support, property division and child support, for example.

First, you and your future ex will commit in writing to using good faith when negotiating. Also, both of you will need to agree to divulge all pieces of information that are relevant to the divorce issues you are tackling.

How collaborative divorce works

During this process, you will negotiate with the other party in an office or conference room with the help of an attorney. The goal is for both sides to have a positive, open discussion aimed at achieving a mutually-satisfactory resolution. This process differs from arbitration and mediation because you will not have a neutral third party individual involved in your discussion.

As you go through the collaborative divorce process, you might end up consulting counselors and other experts to assist you in addressing matters such as child custody and accounting matters. In addition, you might need a professional to complete an asset valuation for you to ensure fair property division. Most negotiations that occur during collaborative divorce result in settlement agreements that benefit both parties.

Why choose the collaborative divorce process?

A major benefit of this process is that you and the other party can use it to build your collaborative problem-solving skills. This is especially invaluable if you and the other party have minor children who you will have to co-parent.

Also, since this process is usually less acrimonious than going to trial, it is typically less costly and faster than litigation. An attorney can help you to navigate the collaborative divorce process, ensuring that your rights and best interests are upheld each step of the way.

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