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Military divorce and your privileges as a civilian spouse

Whether you are in a civilian marriage or a military marriage, the frustration and pain when your relationship is in trouble are universal. Certainly, you and your spouse have your own unique issues, and many of those may stem from your partner's work, but the struggles you face — money, communication, in-laws — are common to many couples.

Protect your tomorrow with a strong prenuptial agreement today

If you are recently engaged or considering marriage in the future, you know that it is an exciting time for Pennsylvania couples. It can be difficult to see past the wedding day and the honeymoon, but there are things that you would be wise to go ahead and do in order to protect your future interests.

Regardless of age, everyone needs a will

Despite the fact that a will can offer various protections and make life remarkably simpler for loved ones in case of an unexpected death, many people fail to ensure that they have this type of legal protection in place. Regardless of your age or income levels, experts recommend that everyone have a will. This is a relatively simple way to both protect your loved ones and maintain control over your assets.

Do you need permission to take a summer vacation with your child?

Summer is fast approaching and many Pennsylvania families are already making plans for vacations. In fact, those renting beach houses or planning trips out of the country typically make reservations and create their itineraries well in advance of the scheduled dates of their vacations. For some, this year's summer vacation will be different from all the rest since it's the first time they'll go away with their children following a divorce.

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