Grandparents’ Rights

Helping Grandparents Gain Custody Of Their Grandchildren

Grandparents face numerous challenges in the legal process when it comes to obtaining custody rights over their grandchildren.

Pennsylvania law states that custody is presumed in the parent’s favor unless “clear and convincing evidence” is presented to rebut the family law court’s presumption.

However, meeting this standard is more difficult than it sounds. Getting an experienced attorney to help with the process is vital.

Recognized Expertise In Child Custody Matters

At Gardner Law Office, we represent grandparents throughout Lehigh Valley who are deeply involved in their grandchild’s life and wish to obtain custody of a grandchild because:

  • The child is currently in protective custody
  • The child’s parent is deceased
  • The child is experiencing abuse or neglect

If you are a grandparent, we can talk with you about the procedure involved and how to request an order for physical or legal custody through a court petition.

Attorney Linda Shay Gardner is also a recognized expert of interstate and international child custody law and is extremely familiar with the process as it applies to grandparents.

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