Protection from Domestic Violence and Abuse

Helping Victims Of Domestic Violence And Abuse Seek Protection

People who have been the victims of abuse or are threatened with abuse do not have to tolerate such behavior. There are legal options available.

Restraining Orders

In Pennsylvania, restraining orders, also known as a protection from abuse order, are available. A temporary restraining order lasts for 10 days. A final order can last up to 36 months.

Such orders will:

  • Bar an abuser from entering your house, apartment or place of residence
  • Bar an abuser from any abusive or harassing conduct
  • Bar an abuser from owning a firearm

A PFA can also award one parent temporary custody of any minor children.

Choosing Our Practice To Help

At Gardner Law Office, we understand the urgency and importance of situations involving domestic abuse. We have extensive experience handling these and many other related family law matters.

We also understand that there are situations in which a person will make a false accusation of abuse. We also defend people who have been falsely accused of domestic violence as well as those accused of sexual abuse.

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