Why Gardner Law?

Gardner Law Office provides compassionate representation while ensuring that we are defending what is right and just for our clients. Our goal is always to meet people where they are in their individual, unique situations and do our best to alleviate any fear they may be experiencing. We do this through our process of education and demystifying the legal process as it relates to their case. We see our clients as human beings and not just as a case.

Community Impact

To be more present in the community as a pillar for truth and justice in the area of Family Law.  Our goal is to impact the lives of 500 families providing compassionate representation with aggressive action to ultimately transform their fears into relief and their struggles into a brighter new chapter of life.    

“Mark is a wonderful attorney and has helped me through both a divorce and custody issues with my children. Mark has been beyond helpful and always looked out for what was best for both myself and children. I would recommend Mark to anyone as an excellent attorney.”


“Mark’s patience through the sometimes-bewildering array of evidence and testimony presented and his attention to detail that allowed him to ferret out inconsistencies in both the oral and print arguments was a real strength in his management of the case.”


“In working with Gardner Law, my results were very favorable and I highly recommend them. They are very knowledgeable and personal and made a difficult situation as comfortable as possible. Everyone at the law firm was always attentive, kind, and respectful.”