Hidden Assets

Worried About Hidden Assets In Your Divorce? We Can Help

Many divorce cases involve assets that one spouse hid from the other during marriage. Some parties believe it’s hopeless to track down money that their spouse has hidden.

But this is a misnomer — hidden assets can be found, valued and equitably distributed in a divorce settlement.

Experience Uncovering All Types Of Hidden Assets In Your Divorce

At Gardner Law Office, our attorneys have extensive knowledge handling divorces involving substantial property, including hidden assets.

Through a variety of methods, we can and have uncovered hidden assets, including:

  • Business accounts, assets and income
  • Retirement accounts
  • Stock options
  • Deferred compensation
  • Real estate investments
  • Art, vehicles, antiques and other collectibles
  • Offshore bank accounts and transactions
  • Trusts

We work hard to secure our clients’ fair share to marital property, often enlisting the services of a forensic account, business evaluator, appraiser or another financial asset evaluator.

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If you suspect that your spouse might be hiding income or assets pertaining to your divorce case, we are happy to speak with you and discuss your legal options and our services.

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We also assist with other aspects of divorce, including spousal support and child custody matters, which we find often intertwine.