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How Does Pennsylvania Calculate Child Support?

When it comes to child support, Pennsylvania family law courts follow child support guidelines. Such guidelines are based on a statutory formula that is related to each parent’s monthly net income and number of children.

However, the guidelines define just a base amount for child support payments to be made by the noncustodial parent (the parent not awarded the majority of custody time).

Deviations From Basic Guidelines

Deviations from the guidelines and the statutory formula are possible under certain circumstances such as:

  • Other spousal support obligations
  • Income from a business or another source
  • The age of the children
  • Medical expenses and medical insurance
  • Standard of living
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Special needs of the children

The noncustodial parent may also be required to make additional payments to pay for a child’s sports and other extracurricular activities, school tuition, medical and dental care, among others.

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