Interstate Custody and Support

Representing And Protecting Parents In Interstate Custody Matters

Pennsylvania laws prohibit parents from interfering with child custody orders, moving across state lines without permission or concealing a child’s whereabouts. Parents must first legally modify the custody order in the child’s home state, or petition the court if no prior order exists.

If your child’s other parent conceals or moves with the child during separation or divorce or post-divorce, we can help you enforce state law to safely return and protect your child.

Thorough Understanding Of The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction And Enforcement Act

At Gardner Law Office in Bethlehem, our lawyers have extensive experience handling interstate child custody and child abduction issues throughout the United States.

We understand the nuances of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) and related laws such as the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act.

Expert Pennsylvania Interstate Child Custody Representation

Attorney Linda Shay Gardner is a recognized expert in child custody law. She has provided expert witness testimony in a number of federal, state and local court cases regarding the prevention of interstate child abduction.

She also has extensive experience handling international child abduction cases, having worked or advised on over 300 Hague Abduction Convention cases in more than 60 countries.

Child Support Recovery From An Ex-Spouse In Another State

Our firm also represents parties looking to recover child support payments from an ex-spouse located out of state. Payments in interstate child support cases can be recovered by enforcement through the Office of Child Support Enforcement, or OCSE. We understand the process involved and can provide assistance.

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