Parental Alienation

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Children are sometimes used as pawns in child custody disputes or following divorce.

One parent hopes to win the favor of the child in order to obtain custody in the child’s best interests or to lead the child to believe that one parent is better than the other. This is referred to as parental alienation.

In fact, all too often, it occurs even before spouses are separated. If one parent spends dramatically more time with the child than the other parent, there is ample opportunity for the child’s relationship with the other parent to be damaged.

A parent’s disparaging words, complaints about the other parent and other hostilities can lead a child to develop hostile feelings and anger that are based on nothing more than one parent’s feelings toward the other.

If the other parent criticizes you or insults you in front of your child, or if your child exhibits unexplainable hostility toward you, speaking with an experienced child custody attorney is the first step.

How We Can Help

Located in Bethlehem, our attorneys have helped parties resolve parental alienation and many other types of child custody issues for decades.

Steps Involved With The Legal Process

If you are the victim of parental alienation:

  • We will file a motion for contempt to compel the other parent to stop the alienating behavior.
  • If necessary, we will work to get a court order for psychological evaluation and treatment of your child.
  • If necessary, we will seek modification to the custody and visitation order to protect your child’s best interests and your parental rights.
  • Seek Reunification Counseling and Co-Parent Therapy

Parental alienation is abusive behavior, and it is destructive to your family. If you are concerned about parental alienation in your child, contact us immediately.

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