Parental Relocation

Helping Parents Understand And Navigate Parental Relocations

Perhaps the single most gut-wrenching issue in the years following a divorce or separation is when the parent with primary or shared custody of the children wants to move a great distance away.

These cases are not easy for anyone, particularly if the move is due to a new employment opportunity.

Understanding The Relocation Process

In order to obtain the court’s permission to move away with your children, the party seeking to relocate must petition the court.

Before granting or denying such a request, the court will consider several factors, including but not limited to:

  • The age of the child
  • The child’s preference (given his or her maturity level)
  • The involvement and duration of the child’s relationship with the party seeking to relocate
  • The impact on the relocation to the child

Reaching Out To Our Office For Assistance

At Gardner Law Office, we have helped many parties in your same situation with the process involved with modifying child custody court orders due to relocation requests.

If you need a lawyer to help obtain the court’s permission to move, or if your ex-spouse has requested the move and you wish to oppose, we can help.

Attorney Linda Shay Gardner has extensive experience handling all aspects of both interstate and international child custody matters. Learn more about her background.

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