A comedian once asked, “Why is divorce so expensive?”.  Answer:  “Because it’s worth it!”.

The truth of the matter is that the average cost of obtaining a divorce varies according to the complexity of the case.  Where there are few assets and issues, Gardner Law Office offers a low cost option to clients.  In other cases, the costs will depend on the cooperation of the parties and their counsel and the overall nature of the issues involved.  Typically, a retainer is charged upfront to which a lawyer and staff hourly rates are applied.  Keep in mind, that lawyers charge for their time, so the more organized you are and the more relevant information regarding your assets and liabilities you give to your attorney, the less billable time that will be expended.

The best way for an attorney/client relationship to proceed is “collaboratively”. Gather as much information as you can, comply with requests for information from the opposing side and use your billable time wisely. Rather than sending six emails, send one addressing several questions. Make a list of things you want to discuss prior to a telephone conference to make it most productive. All these things will keep your legal costs down.