Allentown Spousal Support

Understanding How Spousal Support Is Awarded In Pennsylvania

Alimony or spousal support calculations under Pennsylvania law are different from any other state. Pennsylvania allows for three different types of support, often referred to as spousal support, alimony pendente lite (APL) and alimony.

All three are typically awarded at different time frames of the divorce process.

How Pennsylvania Calculates Spousal Support, APL and Alimony

Many of us are most familiar with alimony, the type of support awarded after the divorce is finalized.

Family law courts will look at various factors to determine if an award of alimony is necessary as well as the duration, nature and amount.

Such factors include:

  • Duration of the marriage
  • Earning capacities of parties
  • Age, physical and mental health of both parties
  • Sources of income by both parties
  • Expectant inheritances
  • Contributions by one party to the education or heightened earning power of the other party

Hiring Our Team To Handle The Complex Process Involved With Spousal Support

Calculating spousal support, APL and alimony is a complex process. Obtaining the assistance of a professional advocate to help ensure your rights and interests are protected is extremely beneficial.

Without an experienced spousal support attorney, you will be at a tremendous disadvantage and may miss the opportunities available to ensure that your future financial stability is protected in terms of spousal support and alimony.

Extensive Experience Guiding the Greater Allentown Area with Spousal Support

At Gardner Law Office, we have over six decades of experience handling family law matters, including spousal support assistance.

We often advise clients based on the state’s spousal support guidelines, principles of equitable distribution that are applied in the process of divorce, potential future alimony payments and our clients’ best interests.

Assistance With Alimony Modifications And Enforcement

Our Bethlehem attorneys also assist clients throughout the greater Allentown area with alimony modification petitions.

Generally, if a substantial change in circumstances such as job loss or another significant change of income, or a remarriage, occurs, either party can request to modify, suspend, terminate or reinstate alimony payments.

We also assist with alimony enforcement.

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