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How uncontested divorce works in Pennsylvania

You or your spouse are ready to end your marriage. You do not want to fight things out in a Pennsylvania court. You both have already agreed on how you will divide assets and -- if applicable -- how you will split time with your children. This leaves you wondering if you have to go through the typical divorce process. Thankfully, the answer is no.

If you find yourself in the situation described above, an uncontested divorce may be right for you. How exactly does this type of marital dissolution process work?

Same-Sex Marriage Before You Say Your I Do's

As a result of the United States Supreme Court's historic decision in US. v. Windsor, wherein the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act was determined to be unconstitutional and Pennsylvania subsequent acknowledgement of marriage equality, wedding bells are ringing for many same-sex couples throughout the nation. Before you say those "I do's", take a minute to assess your relationship from the far less romantic legal perspective.

Collaborative divorce is often less stressful than litigation

You are ready to divorce your spouse, and naturally, you feel a variety of emotions. You cannot wait to live independently again, but at the same time, you do not look forward to fighting with your soon-to-be ex at a divorce trial.

The great news is that just because you and your spouse have decided to divorce in Pennsylvania does not mean you have to endure an ugly breakup. Instead, you could tap into the power of the collaborative divorce process, which is growing in popularity as an alternative to traditional divorce litigation.

The only gift you want for the holidays is peaceful co-parenting

If you have been to just about any store lately, you have probably seen the holiday merchandise begin to come out. As Halloween rapidly approaches, the holiday season is essentially just around the corner. Even as joyous as the holidays can be, they also tend to cause stress and anxiety as people prepare, arrange for family to visit and so on.

Divorced or divorcing parents have all of the same concerns as the holidays approach with the added stress of sharing the children. Making that work and keeping the season a happy time for everyone will probably require some work.

What does joint custody involve following a marital breakup?

The dissolution of your marriage can understandably take an emotional toll on you and your spouse. However, if you share children, it can affect them just as much.

One of the biggest questions you may have is how you will handle child custody following your marital breakup. Here is a glimpse at what joint custody in particular involves in Pennsylvania.

Military divorce and your privileges as a civilian spouse

Whether you are in a civilian marriage or a military marriage, the frustration and pain when your relationship is in trouble are universal. Certainly, you and your spouse have your own unique issues, and many of those may stem from your partner's work, but the struggles you face — money, communication, in-laws — are common to many couples.

Being a civilian spouse in a military marriage, you may have many concerns if your marriage is approaching divorce. Even though the personal issues you face may be similar to other marriages, a military divorce has some unique differences. If you approach your military divorce as if it were just another civilian divorce, you may deny yourself important rights and benefits.

Mediating your divorce may result in better end to your marriage

You have decided to finally end your marriage, and you're looking forward to the newfound freedom you will soon experience. The challenge is getting there.

Your greatest fear when embarking on your divorce journey is that the process will be hostile and drawn out. Fortunately, mediating your divorce in Pennsylvania may help you to quickly finalize your divorce and move on with your own life.

Protect your tomorrow with a strong prenuptial agreement today

If you are recently engaged or considering marriage in the future, you know that it is an exciting time for Pennsylvania couples. It can be difficult to see past the wedding day and the honeymoon, but there are things that you would be wise to go ahead and do in order to protect your future interests.

Drafting a prenuptial agreement does not sound fun or romantic, and many people only associate these documents with the rich and famous. In reality, they can be beneficial for couples of all income levels, and it can save you a world of trouble in the event that your marriage does not end happily. A little effort today can help you avoid stress in the future.

Regardless of age, everyone needs a will

Despite the fact that a will can offer various protections and make life remarkably simpler for loved ones in case of an unexpected death, many people fail to ensure that they have this type of legal protection in place. Regardless of your age or income levels, experts recommend that everyone have a will. This is a relatively simple way to both protect your loved ones and maintain control over your assets.

If you do not have a will, you would be prudent to have one drafted as soon as possible. This is not something reserved only for the rich and famous, but is a smart step for every Pennsylvania adult. 

Do you need permission to take a summer vacation with your child?

Summer is fast approaching and many Pennsylvania families are already making plans for vacations. In fact, those renting beach houses or planning trips out of the country typically make reservations and create their itineraries well in advance of the scheduled dates of their vacations. For some, this year's summer vacation will be different from all the rest since it's the first time they'll go away with their children following a divorce.

If you're one of many parents adapting to a new lifestyle after divorce, you may be wondering about rules concerning summer excursions. Can you take one any time you like? Do you need your former spouse's approval or the court's permission to take your children with you on a trip? These types of questions are common for newly divorced parents.

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